The Fists of Capoda
An army in exile, the legendary Fists of Capoda could be either Atreia’s saviors or its doom— and even the master spy for the Duke can’t predict which. Now novice soldier and spy Devon Gamilos must persuade his grandfather’s people to support the nation who rejected them and the Duke who banished them. With rebellion dividing the land and the distant god-emperor of Thrakostal building to invasion, Devon must escape both enemies known and hidden— most of all the agents of the mysterious Master Dark— to restore his family’s honor and bring the Fists back home.
Sequel to The Weaver of Atreia.
Young Adult novel. Work in progress.
Ask ye peace of the mountains;
seek mercy from the stones;
cry to the cliffs for pity—
From the Fists ye will have none.
— Marching song of the Fists